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Solar street light battery is introduced and configuration
2014-07-15 10:57:12

Solar street light battery is introduced and configuration

Solar street light battery is a battery in the application of solar street lights, solar street light battery is used to produce solar cell components of electrical energy storage,
When light is insufficient or lighting another new energy street light at night. Now using the battery solar street lamps are:
Sealed lead-acid batteries, ordinary lead-acid batteries, gel batteries, lithium iron batteries and alkaline nickel cadmium battery, the voltage is usually 12 v or 24 v.
But the most commonly used are sealed lead-acid battery, gel battery, this is due to their free maintenance, and high environmental protection has been widely used.
For the battery solar street lamps should have: enough circulating cycle count, low self-discharge rate, long service life, deep discharge capacity, high charging efficiency, less maintenance or free maintenance

Solar street light battery configuration calculation method is as follows:
A: first to calculate the current:
Such as: the 12 v battery system; 
2 only 30 w lamp, a total of 60 watts. 
Present current = 60 w 12 v = 5 a
2: calculate the battery capacity requirements:
Such as: the street lamp lighting of accumulative total of every night time need 7 hours to full load (h); 
(such as 8:00 open at night, night 11:30 close road 1, at 4:30 in the morning to open 2 road, closed at 5:30 in the morning)
Need to meet the lighting needs of continuous rainy day 5 days.(plus 5 days before the rainy night lighting, 6 days)
Battery = 5 a * 7 h * day (5 + 1) = 5 a * 42 h = 210 ah
In addition to prevent the battery charge and discharge, battery charge in general to around 90%;Discharge remaining 20% or so. 
So 210 ah is used in about 70% of the real standard.

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