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LED lamps and lanterns has the advantages of analysis in the energy-saving renovation
2014-07-31 11:49:34

LED lamps and lanterns has the advantages of analysis in the energy-saving renovation

LED lamps and lanterns has the advantages of analysis in the energy-saving renovation

       At present, more and more LED lamps and lanterns has replaced traditional lighting lamps and lanterns, and used in lighting, advertising lighting, underwater lighting, building lighting, street lamps, and other applications.Our government has placed "energy conservation and emission reduction" as a national policy.With the national "energy conservation and emissions reduction" project, "green lighting project" has been listed as the key promotion project and energy-saving industry cross-century strategy.Lighting industry in China has marched into the industrial upgrading of watershed.In calling for the backdrop of the illumination energy conservation and emissions reduction, high efficiency and energy saving LED products is the focus of an industrial upgrading, referred to as "the beginning of a new revolution in lighting field", environmental protection, long life, high efficiency and energy saving, high color rendering, no stroboscopic, no ultraviolet ray, don't hire mosquito, instantaneous start, wide working voltage, large width working temperature range, and many other advantages in one.Can the leader in the environmental protection is the advantages of energy saving lighting products.If our country each year, 10% of the traditional light source is LED to replace, can power saving 9 billion degrees, the equivalent of 8.64 million tons of carbon dioxide.At present, the LED lighting products have also been penetrated into social life each domain.Below to compare several kinds of commonly used lamps and lanterns, LED lamps and lanterns to do a comparison, the advantage of LED lamps and lanterns of quantitative representation.
LED lamps and lanterns advantage compared to quantitative table (commercial electricity: 1.2 yuan/KWH)

       By the above-mentioned, it's easy to see, incandescent light bulbs, LED lamp is 1/10 of the power consumption.And for the use of energy-saving lamps and fluorescent tubes, energy saving efficiency is over 50%, and completely avoid the deadly harmful substances in the energy-saving lamps or daylight lamp, mercury.A 36 w fluorescent tube broken would be likely to cause more than mercury vapor in the air around 2000 times more than the national standard;Scrap and some improper handling of lamps and lanterns, containing mercury into the underground, per mg of mercury can be hundreds of tons of water pollution, it is a huge damage to the ecological environment.LED lights can not only face the increasingly serious energy crisis, but also for the purification of the ecological environment to provide a kind of important ways.Therefore, the LED lighting energy saving reconstruction in the potential is huge "sea cable production process parameters and quality management system shall be implemented strictly, finalize the design, manufacture process parameters of each link must be strictly limited。

Transformation from the aspects of existing lighting systems: one is light;The second is energy.LED light source is a new generation of semiconductor lighting, efficient compared with the existing light sources (the biggest degree of luminous flux is 200 lm, which is about 13 times that of ordinary incandescent), long service life, the service life of the LED up to 50000 hours to 100000 hours, the life of 1000 hours of ordinary incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, metal halide lamp life is no more than 10000 hours), as a result, the LED will be expected to become the fourth generation light source, the semiconductor light source.

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