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LED bulb lamp advantages and disadvantages
2014-07-15 10:54:21

1) thermal conductivity
Parts pictures thickness expansion coefficient of thermal conductivity breakdown voltage price advantages and disadvantages
1-4 metal substrate.C/W 2-5 kv 0.6 3 mm 13-23, 400-1600 / m2
Purchasing easy, technology is mature, roa, price moderate, flatness, after forming pressure generally.
22/180 ceramic substrates.C/W
(alumina/helium aluminum)

14 kv > > 5.3 7.5 0.25 1.2 mm 8000 yuan/m2

Price is high, high yield, good thermal conductivity, good flatness, super high pressure resistant, low mechanical strength, brittle.

FR4 0.3 3.C/W > 5 kv 0.3 3 mm 13 to 17, 200-600 yuan/m2
Adopt double copper clad, via heat sink copper process, can be close to the aluminum plate thermal conductivity, cheap, resistant to high pressure.Set is a bit complicated, lights, thermoelectric separation
> 400 class drill carbon substrate.C/W < 2 kv 0.6 3 mm 7-9, 3000 yuan/m2
Using the sputtering method, grow in the substrate surface drilling carbon film layer after copper clad, the price is expensive, high thermal conductivity, forming mould cost is high, low voltage, safety is not easy

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