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In seven major risk bankruptcy industry emerging LED unfortunately "gun"
2014-06-04 09:54:19

In seven major risk bankruptcy industry emerging LED unfortunately "gun"

Wrong standard disorder into LED lighting "indifference"

Recently, the bankruptcy tide, seven high-risk industry, post on the Internet, unfortunately, "LED" the surface appears "shot" glowing in the industry.

Blindly following investment, lack of core technology, market chaotic...About the LED, the personage inside course of study they had a "love well, the cutting of accountability" the tangle of mentality.Money shortages looming, male and shenzhen light collapse, let more and more people see the price competition without the bottom line is how terrible, create a clean, healthy and the call for benign operation environment is becoming more and more strong.

And market disorder, lack of standard and do not have a unified concept into the LED lighting industry "indifference".Because there is no standard, competition is not the bottom line, consumers are also the basis of a lack of judgment, throw out the wheat from the chaff.

"LED lighting products most of components in a standardized form, there lack of standards in product design, product technology form chaos caused matching difficult, there are still products compatibility is poor, poor compatibility, hindered the development of large-scale application of the product and industry.", director of the China ceprei laboratory Jiang Chunxu, pointed out that the lack of standards, has become a great obstacle of the development of LED industry.

LED industry standard upgrade to industry fall "timely rain"

As the cost of the LED rapid decline and technology advances, in 2013, LED to replace the traditional lighting accelerated significantly.According to the national six ministries jointly issued in February the semiconductor lighting industry energy conservation planning, made clear that expected by 2015, LED lighting products market share of more than 20%, LED lighting energy saving industry output value reached 450 billion yuan (180 billion yuan of LED lighting application products), the average annual growth of around 30%.

As a new generation of light source of green, environmental protection, bring the infinite plasticity of lighting industry.However, in the process of its rapid development also exist unpredictable troubles.

It is understood that the current LED lighting products "components" in a standardized form mostly, there lack of standards in product design, product technology form disorder lead to problems in terms of form a complete set of upstream and downstream, there is still a poor product compatibility, poor compatibility, hindered the development of large-scale application of the product and industry.

"LED light source must be in safety, mechanism, electrical and optical properties specification, rapidly in the LED lighting industry can healthy growth, in order to form the real industrialization scale."Wood Tomlinson Lin Jiliang co., LTD., lighting division general manager said.

Recently, the "standard of LED lighting light component technology and the management system of" expert discussion meeting held in guangzhou, by studying the discussion, experts unanimously passed the system.This means that the LED standard optical components is about to enter the comprehensive promotion stage, conventional leds or supply chain system was replaced by the "industrial standardization of middleware" product model, long-term development of the industry product standardization, standardization, seriation, compatibility problem is solved.

LED lighting development trend of national certification and standard

Under the situation of the current global energy shortage, energy conservation is one of the important problems we face.Known as a new generation of green LED light source, its advantages of energy-saving, environmental protection, long service life, the LED lighting industry become a national focus on green industry.In view of the increasingly mature and the rapid development of LED lighting technology, in order to standardize the LED lighting this emerging market, the global LED some important regional market have launched the relevant technical regulations or standards, the application of LED lighting products mandatory certification requirements are put forward.

The eu market

The eu is China's key export market of LED lighting products.LED lighting products to enter the eu market, should mainly consider the mandatory requirements: low voltage directive and the coordination of the safety requirements stipulated in the standard, and coordination of emc directive standards stipulated by the electromagnetic compatibility requirements, the requirements of environmental protection RoHS&WEEE instructions and ErP instructions specified in the request of energy efficiency.In addition, the semiconductor lighting products shall conform to the relevant laws and regulations stipulated by the conformity assessment procedures.Only in this way, can they be CE mark, smoothly into the eu market.

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