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e27 360 degree led warehouse corm light bulb 12w

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Product Abstract:

led corn lighting bulb 7w 1. 360 degree angle 2. SMD 3528chip 3.LED bulb 4.CE.Rosh,Tuv,UL

Product Description

E27 360 degree led warehouse corm light bulb 12w

New Type Retrofitting LED Corn light                                                                 

E27 360 degree led warehouse corm light bulb 12w



3W 7W 9W 10W 12w


E27 E26 E14 B22


FEATURE: 3w LED corn light 



1).  Ultra-low power consumption,


 2).  Alternatives to traditional 20 w CFL lamp directly


3). Mainly indoor, such as warehours, High Hall, Shop, Hotel,Garage, etc


4). Third party quality inspection, through the national ROSH and CE certification.



More Detail Show:                                                                                                                           

High efficiency and energy saving
Under the condition of the same power, LED energy-saving lamps for 1000 hours only 1 KWH, ordinary incandescent 17 hours 1 KWH, ordinary energy-saving lamps one hundred hours spent 1 KWH


His long life

LED energy-saving lamps use theoretical service life of up to 70000 hours, the service life of the ordinary incandescent lamp is more than 1000 hours.

Green environmental protection

Recycle and harmful elements such as lead, thanks, and will not produce electromagnetic interference, ordinary tubes containing harmful elements such as mercury and lead, electronic ballast of energy-saving lamps will produce electromagnetic interference.


The light of health

No ultraviolet and infrared light, no radiation, no pollution. Ordinary incandescent light bulbs, energy-saving lamp tube and contains ultraviolet and infrared light.

Protect eyesight

Driven by dc power supply, no stroboscopic, ordinary light is ac drives, is bound to produce stroboscopic adverse to the eyes for a long time.


High light efficiency

Small fever, 90% of the electricity converted into visible light, only 580% of ordinary incandescent electric energy into visible light, the other 42% of electrical energy into heat for limited resources is a huge waste.

High safety coefficient

Voltage and current needed for smaller, less heat, no safe hidden trouble, can be used in the mines and other dangerous places.



Application of 3w LED corn light

widely used in

Household lighting, decoration, sitting room, bedroom, wall lamp, table lamp, bathroom, balcony, kitchen, dome light, bar, garden, private garden, landscape lighting

Schools, hospitals, factories, offices, shopping malls, office buildings, used for desk lamp, corridor, stair lighting

Municipal lighting, banking, infrastructure, stadium, airport, cinema, industrial facilities, and public health

Hotel, hotel, guest houses, hotels, shopping malls, supermarkets, cold drinks, cake shop, delicatessen, bars, coffee shops, teahouses, culture, entertainment, business places

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