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300w LED Stadium Lighting LED High bay Light led flood light

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Product Abstract:

300w LED Stadium Lighting 300w LED sports Light 600w -900 metal halide replacement 1, Cree XBD chip Meanwell driver 2,Copper heatpipe heatsink 3.CE,UL.TUV Certification

Product Description

300w LED Stadium Lighting 300w LED sports Light 300w led flood light sports Lighting


Product Description


216 °adjustable angle
13 flexible positions makes project angle can be adjusted within 216 °.
Copper heatpipe
       By riveting the heatpipe to the fins , the heatpipe can conduct  heat rapidly from chips bottom to the fins, greatly  lower down the temperature of light source, extending its life span.
Respirator design
       400w stadium Light has Waterproof  design, eliminating mist, avoiding condensation,improving quality,extending the life span.92% reflective rate 
Reflector's beam angel 62 °,Reflective rate could reach up to 92%. 




300w LED Stadium Lighting 300w LED sports Light Replacement 600w-900w metal halide on factory lighting, wharf lighting , head mast lighting football playgound lighting,gym lighting, Gas Station lighgting,Warehouse lighting,Hall lighting,Square lighting,Supermarket lighting,Stadium lighting or Football Field

300w led stadium Lighting




1 300w led retrofit kit Unique optical design,no light pollution,glare-free,uniform light field

2 Environment Friendly

Using less power helps to reduce carbon emissions contributing to saving the environment as well as saving your money.

3 A Better Workplace

The quality of light can have a dramatic effect on a workplace atmosphere. Your staff will show their appreciation with their increased productivity.

4 Less Maintenance

Our LED lights maintain their quality of light for up to FIVE times longer than conventional lights. Conventional lights can lose up to 70% of their brightness in 1 year.

5 Significant energry saving,500w led retrofit kit equal to 1000w metal halide lamp,3000w halogen lamp,5000w mercury lamp,Saving more than 90% saving rate compared to conventional tungten incansescent lamps


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300w high mast light led

2.Operate 300w led high mast  light


China led high mast light manufacturer300w led sports lighting

led stadium Light manufacturer




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Meas 80*80*60CM

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